We want to see your photos!

New Normal Weekly Photo Contest! For 2021 we are launching a new weekly photo contest. Win Weekly and Monthly Prizes!

Weekly winners have a chance to win a New Normal Starter Kit in the new colors: Gold or Sapphire!

Monthly winners will win bigger prizes! For the month of March, the monthly winner will be able to win an Apple iPad – 8th Generation – 128 GB


1️⃣ Post a clean and crisp photo or video of your New Normal Products, or of you using them.
2️⃣ Use the hashtags #HighestPercentageOfHappiness and #ThisIsTheNewNormal
3️⃣ Tag @newnormal.420@new.normal420 and the dispensary you purchased New Normal products from!
Weekly winners are automatically submitted into the grand monthly prize. Additionally, we are now giving weekly winners an extra 10 votes on top of the votes they get in the comments for the grand prize!

Anybody who did not win CAN resubmit new photos for future weekly prizes.

Contests run every week and maintain the following schedule:

  • Monday 12:00 am through Friday 11:59 pm submissions accepted.
  • Saturday submissions are posted on @newnormal.420 for the public to vote on.
  • Sunday winners will be announced.

Winners are determined by the number of votes for their entry gets. Whoever gets the most votes is the winner of the prize.

Contestants are encouraged to share the post with people in their circles to get more votes.

Votes- When voting, individual accounts can only vote once, double votes from an individual account will not count as additional votes.

What We've Been Seeing


Photo Guidelines

  1. Submit high-quality photos that are clear, clean and crisp. Make sure your background looks the best it can- Clean up the surrounding area, smoothen any fabric backgrounds out and/or re-organize props to look picture perfect. Remember- strangers are voting on your photo, if you want to win, you want to make sure your photo is the one that stands out the most!
  2. If YOU are in the photos make sure you look you are looking your best!
  3. Photos should be well lit.
  4. New Normal products should be clearly present in the photo and easy to spot. If it is hard to find the battery, pods or boxes, it’ll be harder to get more votes!
  5. Videos are also perfect! If you want to stand out, a simple video with music can really rise above the rest!

Frequently Asked Questions

YES. You entry will be automatically entered into the monthly prize. You can choose to reuse the same photo or submit a new one

YES! You can enter again, but you must use a new photo.

You are eligible for future weekly contests, but grand prize winners will not be eligible for future grand prize contests

YES! You can continuously enter into contests until you win!