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Fruit Infused Pods


Enhanced Live Resin Pods

Made from fresh frozen flower harvested at its absolute peak.

Like a hit of a joint, creating a true-to-flower concentrate experience.

Full spectrum oil derived from unique Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strains.


High Potency Effect Line

A stimulating and cerebral high,  Green Crack is our strain of choice. Uplift is perfect for those days that need a boost. If you are looking to elevate your mood, creativity, and exhilaration- reach for the Uplift pod to help you out!

Unwind and chill out with the God’s Gift based Relax pod. Created to promote a peaceful glow, Relax makes the perfect nightcap after a long day.

The crowd favorite, Blue Dream, creates a euphoric and engaging high found with our Bliss pod. Sociable and lighthearted, Bliss easily becomes the perfect addition to your weekend excursion, festival pre-game, or night out with friends. 

Creating the ideal state of mind to combat pain and anxiety, Calm allows you to stay grounded no matter the occasion. A classic strain, Girl Scout Cookies, is utilized to sooth and alleviate any kind of stress life throws at you.

Combat those restless nights with Sleep and you’ll be dreaming in no time. Granddaddy Purple, helps ease physical and mental sleeping woes, allowing you to slip peacefully into a restful slumber.

Turn up any function with our energizing Social pod. Formulated with the infamous, hard-hitting sativa dominant hybrid Pineapple Express, Social sets the stage for a long lasting, talkative, ecstatic high.

Revitalize your sense of touch and ease your mental body. OG Kush, known to alleviate anxiety and clear your mind, while providing a strong, soothing effect on the body. Sensation’s long lasting head and body-high will ease you into a stony, sensual state of being.

Slip into a deep state of Peace in its most potent form. GG #4 is a powerful hybrid strain that delivers a tingling cerebral euphoria and heavy full body relaxation. The perfect pod for those days off when you want to make best friends with your couch.