Cannabis Brand New Normal Enters Partnership with Nabis Distribution

The company aims to enhance the dispensary experience with 36-hour fulfillment.

Irvine, CA: Striving to deliver “the highest % of happiness,” New Normal vape products launched with a high-potency effect line that garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from the market. More than 10 reputable dispensaries in Southern California dispensaries have since begun to carry New Normal products.


Formed by a group of industry veterans and Fortune 500 talent from companies like Apple, Google, LVMH, and Alibaba, New Normal’s ambitions are nothing short of substantial. The high-end cannabis brand has its sights set on 150 dispensaries across California by the end of 2020—with a multistate expansion planned for 2021. 


To this end, in June 2020, New Normal will enter a partnership with one of California’s largest cannabis distributors, Nabis, to ensure the best delivery experience. “”We are excited to formalize our relationship with New Normal and bolster their demand through our distribution network and services.” says Jun S.Lee, President of Nabis. “The cannabis industry should always welcome and encourage innovative technologies, particularly in the vaporizer space.”


Nabis is currently delivering to more than 500 California dispensaries. Known for its 36-hour on-time fulfillment and great coverage, the company has two warehouse locations in Los Angeles and Oakland. “We are very excited to work with a reputable partner like Nabis,” says Shawn Li, President of New Normal. “We value our retail partners and only want the best for them.”


Over the past three months, the newly-launched New Normal has become markedly trendy on YouTube and Weedmaps. The brand’s product review has been watched more than 200,000 times on YouTube, New Normal has been listed as a featured brand on Weedmaps Orange County, and consumers from across the country are demanding access to the company. With the brand’s new partnership with Nabis, New Normal will be well-equipped to deliver happiness to even more of California.



About New Normal

New Normal launched in 2020 to set the standard for a happy and engaging cannabis experience. Based in Orange County, the company brings high-quality vape products to people from all walks of life—and dispensaries are already catching on. The brand recognizes that every idea begins with a vision for the future, and so the appeal of New Normal is simple: the cannabis company encourages customers to reach for their device knowing happiness lies in the palm of their hands. New Normal employs a seasoned team of industry professionals and executives with a shared mission to create cannabis products for everyone. 


About Nabis

Nabis is a leading technology-driven cannabis distributor based in San Francisco, providing a wide range of services for the wholesale cannabis market including warehousing, fulfillment, delivery, and data analytics. Nabis is the exclusive third-party distributor of more than 50 premier brands such as Buddies, Canndescent, Henry’s Original, Ember Valley, and District Edibles into hundreds of dispensaries and delivery services across California. Founded in 2017 on a simple mission to modernize the cannabis supply chain, Nabis offers an elegant software solution for cannabis brands to effortlessly coordinate their distribution, in addition to their state-of-the-art warehousing and trucking infrastructure.

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