Cannabis Brand New Normal Debuts in Orange County’s Largest Dispensary, People’s OC

The company plans to expand to 150 California dispensaries by the end of 2020.

Irvine, CA: After two years of craftsmanship involving 200 industry leaders, New Normal—California’s premier cannabis brand—launches at Orange County’s largest dispensary, People’s OC. New Normal’s first-ever line features effect-based THC vape products, including: Uplift, Bliss, Calm, Relax, and Sleep. Each product is designed to enhance the consumer’s daily life.

New Normal works with experienced growers to achieve a superior, organic flower rich in THC. The flower—using state-of-the-art extraction technology—is transformed into pure distillate with its original, natural taste and high levels of THC. 

After completing hundreds of formulations and facilitating expansive focus groups in cannabis communities, New Normal delivers an unmatched vape experience using the highest-purity oil for which the top cannabis brands are known. “We believe the highest percentage of THC means the highest percentage of happiness,” says Sarah Drake, Marketing Manager at New Normal. “New Normal is all about happiness.”

To this end, the New Normal battery was designed by IF’s award-winning team, with over 100 skilled engineers involved in the 18-month development process. “Most vape devices have a very flat design and do not sit well in your hands,” says Leo Lee, New Normal’s leading designer. “We are trying to have a beautiful body curve to perfectly fit in your hands.” 

New Normal is also offering a limited-release version with stainless steel. This marks an industry first, as stainless steel has traditionally been a difficult device material where production is concerned. Yet, in addition to the beautiful design, the New Normal battery provides the smoothest draw for its high-THC pod. “It is unbelievable you can pull the 90%+ THC distillate like a breeze,” says New Normal consumer and co-owner of Palm Place Creative, Alex Paz . “It is so effortless!”

A week into launch, and customers like Paz have already given New Normal overwhelmingly positive feedback. Average spending per consumer on New Normal products thus far has topped $130. Each consumer, on average, has purchased two effect pods to accommodate their needs. 

Formed by a group of industry veterans and Fortune 500 talent from companies like Apple, Google, LVMH, and Alibaba, New Normal’s ambitions are nothing short of substantial. The high-end cannabis brand has its sights set on 150 dispensaries across California by the end of 2020, with a multi-state expansion planned for 2021. With a new live resin line in the works for Q3 2020, there is no question the company is offering a true-to-flower experience that is irresistibly convenient and discreet.